Introduction to Colt

In-Game Description

Colt fires an accurate burst of bullets from his dual revolvers. His Super shreds cover and extends the bullet barrage!

About Colt

Colt is a Common Brawler who is unlocked as a Trophy Road reward upon reaching 60 Trophies. He has a rather low amount of health, but high damage output. He fires a total of six shots per attack, and those shots have a very long range. His Super is very similar to his main attack, but it fires an extra-long volley of twelve bullets that can destroy obstacles. His Gadget, Speedloader, instantly reloads 2 ammo in his ammo bar. His first Star Power, Slick Boots, increases his movement speed by 10%, and his second Star Power, Magnum Special, increases his main attack's range and bullet speed by 11%.



Colt's default skin looks like a wild west sheriff. There are purchasable skins which he can use to appear as an outlaw, a corsair, a rockstar, royal agent, or a challenger.


Colt shoots six bulletes with each shot. Considering that he has 3 shots, when fully loaded he can fire off 18 bullets. While these bullets are not that damaging individually, a barrage of them can deal devestating damage.


Colt's Super is named Bullet Storm. It unleashes a barrage of 12 bullets in a straight line. These bullets do the same damage as his regular shot, but they can destroy obstacles.


Since Colt is available early game, he is a decently useful shooter. But in late game, where brawlers concentrate on hitting the opponent and dodging shots, Colt has trouble landing all his 6 bullets of every shot. His attacks are predictable. This makes it harder to kill skilled opponents who dodge frequently.


Regular Attack

Super Attack